November 23, 2005

They're Marifying trees now

Here we go again . . .

Believers are flocking to a Dallas home to see what some say is the outline of the Virgin Mary on a tree. . . .

Dozens from around the area have come to see the tree, honoring the image with candles and prayers.

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Meanwhile, though, her son is getting in on the candles 'n' kitsch action too:

An image on a truck tailgate has sparked a new wave of religious pilgrims in Texas.

Portraits of Jesus Christ and a table full of candles surround what some are calling a miraculous image.

Believers say the face of Jesus is visible in the dirt on the tailgate.

Since word of the vision got out, at least 150 people have made a pilgrimage to visit the truck.

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And if you think that's a miracle, you're really going to flip when you find out that the image of Jesus looks exactly like the remains of a car decal. See for yourself:

[Jesus on a tailgate]

[Jesus on a decal]

It's a miracle!

(H/T: Free Republic.)