November 18, 2005

Friday in the wild - November 18, 2005

The Friday roundup resumes this week with this week's fun and interesting dose of bloggy goodness.

It would be funny if it weren't so sad that some psycho-fundies try to micro-manage others' private lives in such detail: On his blog The Texas Baptist Underground, James Spurgeon describes an idiotic church regulation:

Some things I hear about LBT are just so unbelievable that even I don't believe them at first. This is one of those things. I first heard whisperings of this about a year ago, but I have recently had it confirmed from a reliable source - with more details. . . .

Letters were sent out - official letters on LBT stationery - to all staff families, missionaries out of IBWM, college students, and families of LCA students forbidding any staff lady, wife, missionary's wife, TBC student, wife of a TBC student, or LCA student from wearing Victoria's Secret undergarments.

Yes, my friends. Gray is very much concerned about what you ladies wear in the bedroom. It must be appropriate.

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Kim at The Upward Call notes an important Canadian historic milestone:

Today marks the 120th anniversary of the execution of Louis Riel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this figure in history, I�ll fill you in a little. . . .

Riel and his supporters took issue with what they saw as a rather high-handed way of surveying the land. They wanted to be able to negotiate with the Dominion of Canada on their own. When the surveyors came into their neck of the woods, Riel and his followers physically barred the way to their entry. This was the beginning of a resistance.

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No Google insanity this week for some reason. So, apart from that, enjoy!