November 16, 2005

And now . . . this - Nov. 16/05

Best. Headline. Ever.

"Paris Hilton Attacked by Monkeys."

Too bad it's not technically accurate, since there was only one monkey involved:

Paris Hilton has been attacked by her pet monkey.

The sexy socialite was out shopping buying lingerie with her new primate pet, Baby Luv, in Los Angeles on Saturday (12-05-05), when the animal went bananas.

According to reports, the monkey bit Paris and clawed at her face as she entered the Agent Provocateur shop with the simian on her shoulder. Luckily, the 'Simple Life' star managed to pull the monkey off her face and then hooked Baby Luv on a leash which she attached to a cabinet so she could shop in peace.

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Hee hee! Monkey.

And you thought cell phones ringing in theatres was bad

A stunned Italian actor had to stub out the cigarette he had lit up on stage after a spectator complained, forcing the theater to change the script of an Arthur Miller play to make it smoke-free. . . .

Lo Monaco was smoking, in line with the script, while playing the main character Sunday in Miller's "A View from the Bridge" at a theater in the northeastern city of Mestre, when a woman from the audience shouted "Put out that cigarette."

After a 15-minute suspension, the performance resumed with a modified script and a non-smoking protagonist.

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I'm guessing that "Just watch the play and forget the censorship, you ignorant cow" was not considered as a response. Which just goes to showt that if the liberal sacred cows of censorship and smoking butt heads, smoking wins.