November 29, 2005

The inevitable happens

Following a motion of non-confidence in the House of Commons yesterday, the Liberal government of Paul Martin has fallen. Today, the writ was dropped, Parliament was dissolved, and Canada once again goes to the polls on January 23.

An election in Canada takes place no less than 36 days after it is called. Jan. 23 is 56 days away, making this the longest election campaign in 25 years, as well as the first winter election in 25 years. The general election of 1980 was held on February 18; the campaign was 66 days long. Ironically, this election was also the result of a non-confidence motion against the minority Conservative government of Joe Clark, which lost to a majority government of Liberals under Pierre Trudeau.

Will history repeat itself in 2006?

If the last general election is any indication, the DIM BULBs du jour over the next two months will be enough to illuminate a runway at Ottawa International Airport. Stay tuned.