November 18, 2005

A foretaste of the new Who

Tonight was appeal night - a telethon, I assume, although naturally I couldn't watch - for the BBC's annual "Children in Need" charity. In honour of the occasion, the producers of Doctor Who threw together a 7-minute mini-episode.

Plot-wise it's nothing earth-shattering: after a quick recap of the first season finale "The Parting of the Ways," Rose (Billie Piper) tries to cope with the sudden regeneration of the Doctor (David Tennant). After all, it's not every day you see a balding Lancastrian explode into a toothy Scot. But the fun is getting a taste of how Tennant is going to play the tenth Doctor: manic, talky, somewhat physical, and not unlike the seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy (coincidentally, another Scot, although McCoy also didn't fake Received Pronunciation).

See it here in Windows Media and RealVideo formats. The quality isn't incredible, but it's better than having to lie to your friends.