November 07, 2005

Definitely not just for nerds anymore

Once again, the University of Waterloo tops Maclean's Magazine's annual ranking of Canadian universities, according to today's Daily Bulletin:

Waterloo has held onto its position as the number one "comprehensive university" in Canada, as well as its number one "best overall" ranking by reputation in the nation, in Maclean's magazine's annual universities issue. The magazine will hit newsstands across Canada later today.

UW has been "best overall" in Canada in the reputational rankings for 14 of the 15 years Maclean's has offered that title. Waterloo was also named "most innovative" in the national reputation survey, and swept all the reputation categories - No. 1 Highest Quality, No. 1 Leaders of Tomorrow, No. 1 Most Innovative, and No. 1 Best Overall - among comprehensive universities (those with a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs, but without a medical school).

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Meanwhile, the high school up the street tries to eke out some kind of moral victory.</gloat>