November 11, 2005

16th April, 1917 France

My dear Mother.

I can only write a short letter this time, but hope I will be able to do so soon. I have not written a letter for over a week an a half as I have been in the trenches for 9 days, and it is impossible to write up there.

You have no doubt heard before this of the big advance of the Canadians and the capture of Vimy Ridge. I was in the whole of that battle and it was Hell. I got a small splinter of shrapnel through the fleshy part of my shoulder. It was very slight and I went through it all with it. It was some battle and I am glad to say that I was through it, as it will be one of the biggest things in Canadian history.

We are out for a few days rest, and, believe me, we need it. I don't know how Roy and Lyle came through it. I have not seen them yet but expect to soon.

Well, Mother, if you can, please send me some socks when you can and anything else you care to send in the line of eats.

I got about all my mail last night. There was 21 letter and the parcel of gum and the family H. Thank you very much for them.

Well, Mother Dear, please don't do any worrying as it does no good. But remember me in your prayer. I know you do that, and it helps me a lot.

Well, Mother, I will close now. Give my love to all.

I remain

As Ever

Your Loveing Son,