November 10, 2005

Somewhere in France
29th March 1917

My Dear Sister,

I am writing to you again this week, and I may say I have few things to say that may interest you. I will first remark upon the weather. It is rotten. It has been raining hard all day and all last night.

Next, I am well and hope that you and all the rest at home are the same.

Now, over with all that. I will tell you a little secret, and, as it is a secret, I know you will not say anything to the others around there. Well, I have been writing to a girl in Liverpool, England, but I never saw her - as I got her ad from Norman Black. He had been writing to a girl there that he knew and his friends friend wanted somebody to write to, so you see that.

Well, this Girls name is Miss Dollie Parkin, and I wrote and told her of you and she thot that she would like to write to you. She is a very interesting corespondent and writes very interesting letters.

I have said that I have never seen her or even a photo of her, so all I can say is what I heard from others and that is that she is not awfully pretty but has a very cheerful tounge and is witty.

I think that you would like to correspond with her. I have been writing to two or three girls. I wrote to Minnie and Aunt Winnie today, and the girl I met in Hove I write to them when I feel like it. I guess that is a good thing that I like writing . . .

Well, Girlie, I guess that I will close now, as I have a book to change at the Y.M.C.A. library. So Good Bye.

With Love to All.

Your Loveing Brother,