November 05, 2005

"Atom Heart Mother! I've never known such savagery!"

The BBC automotive program Top Gear recently wanted to road-test the new reigning supercar: the Ferrari F60, aka "Enzo." Only problem was, you can't just go out and buy one - Ferrari has to invite you to buy one. So obviously they also weren't so keen on providing a loaner.

No problem. As it happens, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason (who also happens to be an avid car collector and racer) is one of the elite few chosen by Ferrari to own one of these prestigious red status symbols. He was willing to loan his Enzo out for only a free plug of his new Floyd memoir Inside Out. Of course, BBC rules don't allow that sort of thing.

Here's what happened [DivX video via Google]. Presenter Jeremy Clarkson subtly weaves a little book promotion into the piece, makes numerous Pink Floyd puns, and singlehandedly causes a worldwide superlative shortage in this laugh-out-loud automotive review.


By the way, performance aside, am I the only one who happens to think the Enzo is about the ugliest thing Ferrari has ever made? It looks like the progeny of a marriage between an F1 racer and an Edsel.

(H/T: Ghost of a Flea.)