November 03, 2005

And now . . . this - Nov. 3/05

The buck stops here

Uh-oh. Betcha PETA doesn't like this.

For 40 exhausting minutes, Wayne Goldsberry battled a buck with his bare hands in his daughter's bedroom.

Goldsberry finally subdued the five-point whitetail deer that crashed through a bedroom window at his daughter's home Friday. When it was over, blood splattered the walls and the deer lay dead on the bedroom floor, its neck broken. . . .

Goldsberry, about 6-feet-1 and 200 pounds, entered the bedroom to confront the deer and, after a brief struggle, emerged to tell his wife to call police. After returning to the bedroom, the fight continued. Goldsberry finally was able to grip the animal and twist its neck, killing it.

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Betcha they really don't like this:

Goldsberry had the deer butchered.

"He's in the freezer," the man said before walking to the kitchen and showing off pounds of freshly wrapped venison.

Needless to say, Mr. Goldsberry has earned himself a spot in the Redneck Hall of Fame, and probably won't be buying his own Bud at the tavern for the next little while.

This reminds me: Time to keep a closer eye on my Google News Alerts. It's drunk moose season again . . .