February 11, 2005


The provincial government, which instituted a new photo ID for the provincial health insurance plan ten years ago, has apparently finally made it up to the M's. Some time ago I received an official request to replace my old red-and-white card with the nifty green one. So last Friday I made an appointment, went to the OHIP office downtown, and was promptly ushered to the head of the line for all the paperwork. (Woohoo!)

Exactly one week later, I have receivd the card in the mail. It's beautiful. It's shiny. It's got a colour photo of me. I look like a thug.

Fortunately, I have a less thuggish countenance about me than my last driver's licence renewal, so maybe that's something.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go about some thuggery now.