February 23, 2005

Apropos to the demise of Gene Scott

If you think like me, you've probably considered the possiblity that Gene Scott's church is a cult of personality more than anything else, and if so, then your dosage of Gene Scott will eventually dry up as his dwindling fans stop gettin' onna phones and coughing up the cash. And, as I said yesterday, "Brother Stair" is also teetering with one foot in the grave. Then, where will we turn for our regular fix of cranky religion?

Fear not.

There's still Gene Scott-wannabe E. C. Fulcher, pastor of Truth House MinistriesTM. Like Scott, Fulcher is a sailor-mouthed pastor who sits in front of a camera, sucks on a cigar while throwing out random tidbits about the Bible, occasionally berating his crew or audience, and telling viewers/listeners to call up and keep the cash coming. In other words, all the tawdry and tacky trappings of Gene Scott - only without the orthodoxy.