February 06, 2005

Canada to send troops to Iraq (finally)?

According to yesterday's Toronto [Red] Star:

If Ottawa agrees, an estimated 40 Canadians would join a NATO force of about 300 now helping train Iraqi troops in Baghdad. Their mandate is to stabilize Iraq and help it prepare for the eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces from a war that since the invasion in March, 2003, has claimed 1,446 American lives.

According to the sources, Canada's new openness to contributing troops is due to changing circumstance. They cite Sunday's surprisingly successful elections in Iraq and the urgent need to bring peace to the region as important considerations.

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Well, it's about time. But now it feels more like the Little Red Hen has baked the bread and we're just angling for a slice. Of course, the Star's sources are careful to point out that they are supporting Iraq, not the U.S. <sigh>