February 08, 2005

"The era of the celebrity pardon"

This is too good to hold onto until next Friday. Ambra Nykol made the announcement today that her first guest op-ed with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was published.

This is some hot stuff:

We have entered the era of the celebrity pardon. An undiscerning group of Americans has thrown standards out the window and passively declared the only requirement for grace is that you're like, popular or whatever.

Now more than ever, being a superstar is a "get-out-of-jail-free pass," or perhaps in Jackson's case, a "never-have-to-go-to-jail pass." This new era of celebrity favor is fueled by a culture far too willing to dismiss illegal and morally questionable behavior on the part of its superstars. From athletes to movie stars, pop culture worships at the altar of regular people who still pass gas, take showers and most important, break the law.

[Read Celebrity a get-out-of-jail-free card]

Congrats Ambra!