February 09, 2005

Blog comments

Seems to be a bit of metatalk going around right now about blog commenting, and why certain high-profile bloggers don't enable comments on their blogs.

James White, for example, writes:: "a comments section would be the equivalent of the main street of an old western town: everytime I'd sit down to get some serious work done, I'd hear some new young gun calling me out, ready to try his hand. When I was young, that would have been attractive. It lost its attraction a long time ago."

On the other hand, Michelle Malkin comes right out and shows us why: the lefties just love to stand by their burning crosses and shout racist obscenities at her.

Since I'm not a public figure and still a small fish in the blogging ocean,of course, I can keep my comments turned on. It's not a career-limiting move for me to laugh at idiots, yet.