August 09, 2005

It's been a good week for not dying

First no one died in a plane crash in Toronto. Then no one died in a Russian sub accident. In spite of two weeks of angst, no one died on Discovery. Now this:

Grammy-winning singer Marc Cohn was shot in the head during an attempted carjacking after a concert in Denver but survived with only minor injuries, police said on Monday.

Cohn had just finished a performance on Sunday night when a man fleeing on foot from police tried to commandeer the van Cohn was riding in, Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

When the van driver refused to stop, the suspect fired into the vehicle, striking Cohn in the head, although the bullet did not penetrate his skull.

"The bullet hit Mr. Cohn flush in the temple," Jackson said. "He's very lucky it wasn't a fatal shot."

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I guess you could say, "Boy, you've got a prayer in Denver."