August 31, 2005

And after the wind . . . the sound of a low whisper

Inevitably, after a major hurricane lashes the American South, it finds its way north and covers my part of the world with heavy rainfall for a day or two. For example, the remains of Hurricane Ivan last year dropped a month's worth of rain on Ottawa overnight, leading to many basements unexpectedly becoming flooded in a foot of water. Understandably, we were warned that when Katrina came, we should be prepared for the same sort of problem.

Fortunately, however, it appears that by the time it reached Ottawa, Hurricane Katrina had become Minor Nuisance Katrina. It rained all morning, though not as heavily as I would have expected. By late afternoon, the streets were dry save a few isolated puddles.

How ironic that what was such a destructive force only two days ago should dissipate into something so harmless so quickly.