August 19, 2005

Blogroll poll

Martha, Martha wants to know what people think of the practice of blogrolling, so she's posted a short poll on her blog.

  1. how important do you find it to be on someone's "blogroll?"

    I'm interested in knowing how, and how far, information spreads. Being on someone's blogroll is one of many gauges I use to measure how widely I'm being read. I'm not after the prestige.

  2. do you scan blogrolls to see if you are listed?

    Not actively, but I would probably spot it if I were reading the blog, and I was there.

  3. do you list the person who listed you, simply because they've taken note of your blog?

    Yes, I maintain a list of reciprocal links. This is partly a courtesy, and partly because I assume that someone who actively promotes my blog is at least partially of like mind with me, and therefore their blog is one that I might enjoy reading myself. This works out to be surprisingly true.

  4. do you list people whose blogs you enjoy and actually visit, or is it a status thing?

    My blogroll reflects those blogs that I actually visit daily and first. They are my favourites. Again, I make the assumption that if someone is like-minded enough to enjoy my blog, they might also enjoy what I like to read elsewhere.

    I also like to exercise a "personal prerogative" every now and then and link to the blogs of friends.

  5. do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable if you have been taken off of a person's blogroll?

    Not really. Well, I might want to know why, especially if it was someone I respect and I think I might have unintentionally turned him off. Plus, if the other blogger is being a real drama queen about it, I might like to get in a few jabs. Apart from that, I don't particularly care one way or the other.

  6. does this even factor into what you write or any part of your day?

    Does this mean, am I trying to buy credibility (links being the currency of the blogosphere) by playing to the crowd or toeing a certain line or trying to get noticed by Glenn Reynolds or Hugh Hewitt? No, I think that would lack integrity. I write what I feel like writing.

(H/T: What Attitude Problem - one of those "reciprocal" blogs I read regularly.)