August 20, 2005

FridaySaturday in the wild - August 20, 2005

Oh, not again! This time I just plain forgot to post the weekly roundup yesterday.

At, Tim has started a series of Interesting FactsTM about Canada, titled "It's A Fact, Eh?" The first installation explains the distinctly Canadian expletive "Eh?"; the second is an interesting history of "O Canada". Admittedly there wasn't much Tim was able to tell me that I didn't already know (see, for example, my own post from Canada Day 2004); however, this particular fact did stand out:

It is also interesting to note that while the songs are written in different languages, they were also written by men of different theological backgrounds. The English version is Protestant and emphasizes hard work and duty. The French version, written by a Roman Catholic, emphasizes history and national glory.

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Jeff at Hold Fast does some commentary on the Big Daddy Weave song "Just the Way I Am," and takes on the sloppy theology of those who say that God loves us "just the way we are":

See, God loves the person, but He definitely does NOT love "the way they are." All people are sinners; unbelievers, especially, are corrupted and enslaved with a sinful nature that is abhorrent to God. This nature renders them dead to the things of God, in total rebellion against Him. And a holy God cannot love a person "just the way they are," if that's they way they are!

No, God loves His people much He's willing to change the way they are! He loves people in SPITE of the way they are, NOT "just the way you are." Big Daddy Weave's song, in the second verse, recognizes this fact, but many Christians aren't that careful in the way they describe God's love.

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Quite predictably, thanks to my pondering the identity of Skylar Deleon, I have been inundated with search requests for "Skylar Deleon," "Skylar James Deleon," "Skylar Deleon Power Rangers," and a few other variants on the theme. Most of these searches come from Yahoo, for some reason. I've followed some of the other hits myself out of curiosity, and they tend to confirm my suspicions: Deleon was an uncredited extra on the program who probably told someone he starred in it. In other words, notwithstanding all the media hype, he's a fake celebrity.

Nonetheless, fake celebrity murderers didn't stop the occasional goofy search from coming my way: