August 06, 2005

FridaySaturday in the wild - August 6, 2005

A slightly belated installment of FitW for the first weekend of this month. I have been concentrating on some Web design work this week and haven't had the time I would like for serious blog runs. Nonetheless, here are a couple of posts I had a good look at.

Right Wing Nut House posted a taxonomy of left-wing political sites yesterday:

I discovered that the more forcefully the denizens of these sites bragged about being a member of the "Reality Based Community" the farther they actually were from existing on the same plane of the universe as the rest of us. Some maintain a passing familiarity with reality � as if reality were like walking past a beautiful woman and getting a tantalizing whiff of an exotic perfume. Others have had reality slap them upside the head and still deny the evidence of it with their own eyes and ears.

[Read Moonbat Blog Taxonomy]

I admit that my list of political blogs is solidly rightist, though my Canadian section has roughly equal representation. Frankly, I find the vast majority of lefty blogs completely unreadable. Every now and then, I do dive into Democratic Underground for the entertainment value of the DUmmies' conspiracy theories.

My favourite post of the week came from It was a discussion of the TV program King of the Hill and the contemporary church campaign to make Jesus cool:

While my memory of the show is getting hazy, I found a substantial number of quotes from the show at various web sites, enough to provide a good summary of the episode. In this particular episode Bobby (Hank's son who must be twelve or thirteen) becomes involved with a youth group and the far-too-cool youth pastor, Pastor K. Hank is reluctant to have Bobby involved in this type of group, where all the kids skateboard, listen to loud music and generally try to make God cool. Bobby becomes captivated by the group and seeks to impress his parents with his new friends.

BOBBY: These are my friends from the youth group. They're cool and they're totally Christian.

Bobby begins to absorb the message of this youth leader and begins to wear a "Satan Sucks" t-shirt.

[Read Making Christianity Better or Rock N' Roll Worse?]

Fortunately, unlike myself, the Google weirdos don't take breaks. Here are some of the stranger ways people found my blog this week:

Until next time, enjoy.