August 15, 2005

I think I'm going to deificate

The loony left continues its apotheosis of the Blessed Virgin Cindy. Today's idolatrous gibbering comes from Democratic Underground. You may want a bucket of bleach handy to sanitize yourself after reading.

Cindy is a light from above, far away from any religion or God, she is pure love and justice. I honestly believe that many people can see her and feel for her, but to be honest, only a mother can truly understand, a person that would give their life for their children, and if anything happened to them it would rip the very core of your soul that would be gone forever. There is no other creature on this planet that can understand that then [sic] a mother.

I wept with true sorrow while reading her day 8 summary. She is a remarkable woman of great courage, and she is making history. For those of us who don't truly believe in god, she is truly a gift that we must not f--- up under anyway [sic] shape or form. For all of you Jesus believers, she should be looked upon by you as a true savior. For Budhist [sic], she is about true, unconditional love. For Muslims, she wants to stop the pain against your people. She has united this world from love, and there is no greater power then a mother's love of her child. I know, mine are my life, my soul, my joy and my acomplishments [sic]. If anyone would harm them, I would die and want to take down whoever did this. She is justified in her anger, beyond any man can truly understand. She is our Martin Luther King, Bobby K, she is a start of a movement. We don't get these chances very often because the world is asleep at the wheel.

[Full text, emphasis added]

From down-thread a ways:

[Sheehan has] become the Goddess - for now anyway. At this moment, Cindy Sheehan has become the Great Mother, and even the fundies know instinctively there is no way they can fight that kind of power, because it's the power of life itself.

If you must vomit, try to keep it off the upholstery.

(H/T: Angry in the Great White North, from whom I rather shamelessly stole my title idea.)