August 02, 2005

BREAKING: Plane crash in Toronto

Air France flight 358 from Paris to Toronto skidded off the runway while attempting to land during a thunderstorm. The Airbus A340 jet crashed through several barriers and fell into a ravine, where it caught fire mere yards from highway 401.

[Toronto plane crash 1] [Toronto plane crash 2]

No news yet on casualties, though anywhere from 200-300 people were on board. Since the plane had already touched down and was not moving very quickly, it's possible that most, if not all, passengers were evacuated.

Update (5:50): Eyewitnesses are saying that they saw lightning strike the plane. Right now CTV interviewing a survivor who says the power on board went out just before landing.

Update (5:55): 291 passengers and crew on board. Three busloads of people taken to nearby hospitals. Unconfirmed reports that there were no deaths.

Update (6:20): 309 persons total on board. 14 people treated in hospital for minor injuries. No fatalities. A passenger (it is no longer proper to label him a "survivor," thank God) interviewed on the radio said that once the plane stopped, the crew deployed the shutes, the plane was evacuated, and everyone "ran like crazy" in case there was an explosion. There wasn't.

Last update: Final figures: 43 minor injuries treated in hospital. Kudos to a very brave flight crew for doing their duty and keeping their passengers safe.