January 28, 2005

We all know that people are the same wherever you go

Friends of Democracy reports on the first political debate in Iraq:

A member of the audience stood up and asked Mr. Hakem Khazal: did you obtain your seat at the council as a result of an argument with Sami Ghazara? Mr. Hakem answered: I represent a political movement. A man is judged on what he did and what he will do, this is what determines his success in elections. He added: you know that four people so far have been killed because of the fuel crisis; does this show that the governorate administration is successful? He then accused Mr. Al Zayadi of not having completed his high school education.

It is worth mentioning that the debate was very hectic at times and that the two candidates presented the problems of the governorate in a way far from expressing a clear political concept.

[Emphasis added; Full Story]

Ah, it's so nice to know a politician is a politician anywhere in the world.