January 06, 2005

Only 355 shopping days until Christmas

If you're wondering what to get for a tecnical writer in need, consider this:

MEETINGS will never be boring again. A high-tech pair of spectacles that allows the wearer to turn one of the lenses into a personal DVD screen is to go on sale in America after appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The French-designed glasses, called the Eyetop DVD, can also be used on public transport or at long, boring family gatherings. It comes with headphones, a portable DVD player with rechargeable battery and a carrying bag. The price has yet to be decided.

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Now there's a gadget I can get behind. In fact I have been hoping someone would come up with the idea for some time. Who cares about the size of your TV when you can practically beam a movie right onto your retina?

This, on the other hand, I'm not so keen on:

[Bill] Gates will also construct a “home of the future” in the car park of the conference. The so-called NextGen05 Demonstration House will feature lighting, climate control and a security system that can all be operated via a single remote control — or a computer loaded with Windows Media Centre software.

Yeah. I'm going to trust my home security to a Microsoft product. Talk about taking the "back door security alert" to the next level.