January 16, 2005

Blogroll update

This is something I should have included on Friday, when I focus on showcasing other people's blogs, but I just didn't get around to it until now.

While I actually have well over 100 blogs that I have bookmarked and pay attention to - and thank heaven for newsreaders like RssReader and like products - my current blogroll reflects the dozen or so blogs that I consciously look forward to reading when I see that they have been updated. Three more blogs have attained the status of Crusty Choices:

  • Challies.com: Not only is it really, really nice to look at, but I find myself agreeing with Tim more often than is probably healthy.
  • Parableman: It was the depth and breadth of the theological discussions here that originally attracted me.
  • The Evangelical Outpost: Joe Carter's Know Your Evangelicals series had me coming back for more.

I'm about to attempt to make this blog XHTML compliant, assuming such is even possible on a Blogger site. Part of the revamp will be a reworking of my sidebar, which to my eyes is getting a tad cluttered. As a way of being a little more friendly to other bloggers, particularly those who have been nice to me, I intend to add a list of reciprocal links, which will comprise anyone who links to the Crusty Curmudgeon or Sacra Eloquia and isn't otherwise already covered (e.g. as part of the League of Reformed Bloggers).