January 20, 2005

It's a . . . miracle, I guess

A bright spot in Benny Hinn's beleaguered crusade in India: he's healing people long distance, three days in advance!

It could be dubbed as a 'remote controlled miracle'. A paralytic patient, who was to be cured at the Benny Hinn congregation to be held in Bangalore from Jan. 21 was cured of his disease almost three days earlier at a far away village even before meeting the evangelist. . . .

As the media persons were coming out, Kuria Kose, all of a sudden got up from his chair, walked up to them and shook hands with them to bid farewell.

In fact, Bharathi had earlier told media persons that the oldman [sic] could not walk because of the stroke. He was being taken to Bangalore to be cured by Benny Hinn.

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No further comment necessary, I think.

(H/T: Religion News Blog.)