January 20, 2005


Michelle Malkin has a photographic journal of today's protests of George W. Bush's inauguration. This one is my favourite and pretty much says it all.

I was stuck watching CNN's surprisingly balanced coverage of the festivities (thanks to the chintzy CRTC not allowing FoxNews on any cable channel I can receive). Unfortunately, their camera crew near the "sanctioned demonstration area" was situated near an alleged man who spent that portion of the parade hollering "F--- Bush" at high volume. Meanwhile, on other stretches of the parade route, the lowlives flung stuff. And, of course, there were the requisit swastika-bearing nitwits.

There's some real classy folks in the Socialist Workers' Party, let me tell you.

On the other hand, Bush just gave the world its first sneak preview at the new Cadillac DTS limousine, which is quite funky, to say the least.