January 22, 2005

And now . . . this

The road to lung cancer is paved with good intentions:

Holy smokes! Inmates at Headingley Correctional Centre have had their prison-issued Bibles confiscated because too many pages were being ripped from the books and used as rolling papers.

The jail is supposed to be smoke free. . . .

The Winnipeg Sun first reported in December inmates in Manitoba's provincial jails were getting around a smoking ban by making "tobacco" from nicotine chewing-pieces and used tea leaves.

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Mmmm. Now there's a fine smoking experience.

Still, as one commenter in the article points out, it's a symptom of a schizophrenic government system: Winnipeg has a needle exchange program to "help" those who want to shoot heroin. But God forbid anyone should want to read a Bible in prison lest he use it to smoke tea leaves.