April 30, 2005

Truly painful

The convoluted rhetoric that open theists will use to deny the omniscience of God is staggering.

Head over to the Fightin' Fundamentalist Forum and check out the ravings of poster "oh_once," particularly his interactions with this thread and this one.

His particular flavour of Socinianism seems poorly thought out, contradictory, and confusing in its use of terminology. And tell me it isn't excruciating to watch him turn into a human pretzel saying things like:

No one who can anticipate everything could possibly be 'caught off guard'. Obviously, it is possible that the outcome would be different than EXPECTED or DESIRED if free agents make free choices. God says several times that things did not turn out the way He expected.


Again, no one is challenging the fact that God knows everything. The question is whether events that have not yet happened are part of that everything.

Oh_once is an open theist for one reason: He is a knee-jerk contrarian against those who love God's total sovereignty. People who are presuppositionally committed to an unbiblical view of human autonomy are often the first to spew incomprehensible, pseudo-philosophical bibble-babble in the hopes of dealing the truth the death of a thousand qualifications. Unfortunately such persons are a dime a dozen on the FFF and elsewhere.