April 09, 2005

Mr. Kettle? Mr. Pot on line 3

Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, whose “Left Behind” series made end-times theology a nationwide topic of discussion, have expressed wariness of NBC's apocalyptic mini-series "Revelations," which premieres April 13.

One of the series’ main characters, “Dr. Richard Massey,” a skeptic Harvard professor played by Bill Pullman, looks as though he is headed toward becoming “a firm believer,” as Jenkins put it, during the course of the six-hour series.

A Bible epic on network television? Mishandled? Say it ain't so!

But, said Jenkins, who has viewed the first Revelations episode, “[W]hat he promises to come to believe is a mishmash of myth, silliness, and misrepresentations of Scripture.

"Myth, silliness, and misrepresentations of Scripture"? Careful, Jerry, you know what they say about your other fingers when you point one.

"Acknowledging that not everyone agrees with my particular take on end-time prophecies, at least they are based on some commonly accepted study,” Jenkins said. “Revelations seems to draw from everywhere and nowhere."

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Being "based on some commonly accepted study" didn't stop Jenkins' co-author from lashing out when Hank Hanegraaff's preterism-inspired The Last Disciple came off the press. One wonders whether this outburst of sour grapes is inspired by some more basic motive. Oh, say . . . jealousy.

(H/T: Quadrivium.)