April 09, 2005

On the nuptials of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles


I saw him married the first time.

Update: I captured a few images from CNN immediately after the wedding, just for fun (didn't watch the whole thing). Frankly, the new Duchess of Cornwall, at least when dressed formally, isn't half the frump the press makes her out to be:

[HRH the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall]

Car envy update: This is the Queen's 2002 Bentley limousine, literally one of a kind. Nice car:

[Royal Bentley State Limousine]

And this is the 1975 Phantom VI, also part of the royal motor pool, used by the wedding couple. Also a nice set of wheels, but if I had the money to throw around, I think I prefer Bentleys. The colour of each, incidentally, is "Royal claret":

[Royal Rolls Royce Phantom VI State Limousine]