April 16, 2005

Does this actually surprise anyone?

First he was elected the Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire despite having left his wife and children to "marry" his gay lover.

Then he insinuated that Jesus was gay. Of course, he denies this; he was really only pointing out that Jesus was unmarried, kept the company of men, and had a disciple whom he "loved." (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

So does it come as any surprise that Bishop V. Gene Robinson comes out in support of Planned Parenthood, stating in an interview that he "absolutely stand[s] behind a woman's right to choose" and speaks at their annual (ahem) prayer breakfast? (Who exactly do the Planned Parenthood butchers pray to, anyway? Molech?)

This "bishop," really a schismatic and a heretic, is in every way a "wolf in sheep's clothing." He has done nothing to build up even his own denomination, let alone the Church of Christ; rather, he is unmistakeably out to divide and destroy it.

(Reverse H/T: but that's just my opinion.) And Blind Mind's Eye takes to task Robinson's it-would-be-funny-if-it-weren't-so-sad statement that "those [i.e. Exodus] stories are our [i.e. gays' and lesbians'] stories," amongst other things. Thanks for dropping by!