April 24, 2005

Thank you, mushy-headed evangelicals

Today's blog post by James White is a must-read in any case, but as a bibliophile this in particular stuck out in my mind:

I am currently reading a pre-release copy of Robert Millet's new book for Eerdman's (Millet is a BYU professor, a Mormon scholar), defending their "Christianity." Yes, Eerdman's is publishing a pro-LDS apologetics work that will be distributed to the non-discerning pseudo-evangelical public via "Christian" bookstores---you may thank Richard Mouw of Fuller Seminary (yes, the same Mouw who has provided the LDS apologetics community with the greatest possible aid and comfort by attacking, falsely, and without distinction, those who have sought to evangelize the Mormon people--see here starting 11/22) for this project.

[Read Senator Salazar's (D, CO) Letter to James Dobson]

Just because it says "Church of Jesus Christ" on the label doesn't mean much these days. Sadly, just because it says "Eerdmans" or "Baker" or "Kregel" on the spine doesn't mean much either now, apparently.