April 01, 2005

It was fun while it lasted

But, yeah, for those of you who thought I went off the deep end, no, I haven't converted to KJV-onlyism. (Yet.)

I was originally going for parody, not practical joke. There's a certain tackiness about a good number of fundamentalist Web pages which, fortunately, is easy to whip up in about 15 minutes. (It took me twice as long to figure out the exact shade of orange I currently use for horizontal rules.) Don't let anyone ever tell you that those HTML skills you learned back in 1995 aren't good for anything.

Little was I to know that I was going to actually sucker a couple of my good friends. Sorry Rand and Brandt, nothing personal. And nice try at deconstructing the Creed of the Alexandrian Cult. I can't do it without someone piling on the clichés in retort, either. Rebecca got it right off, and it looks like a bunch of my #pros friends are having a ball. (Hi guys!)

On the downside, Blogger appears to be misbehavin', so it might be a while before those of you reading the archive pages aren't assailed by that hideous MIDI of "In the Garden" . . .

Update (Apr. 2):I got a few messages from people who were a little disappointed they missed the fun. You can now simulate the effect by staring at the following screenshot while listening to this MIDI file.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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