April 16, 2005

And now . . . this - Apr. 16/05


The infant son of King Mohammed VI was circumcised Thursday, and thousands of Moroccans also went through the procedure in a massive show of solidarity for the prince, a news agency reported.

The circumcision of Moulay Hassan, the king’s only son, marked the start of three days of nationwide celebrations across the north African kingdom to honor the event. The boy turns 2 next month.

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Yeah, nothing quite says "Party!" like a knife to the genitalia. On behalf of thousands of Moroccans, my legs are crossed involuntarily in sympathy.

And you can have her license when you pry it out of her cold, dead hands

"Understatement of the day" goes to this poor sales manager:

An 81-year-old woman preparing to take a test drive at a car dealership hit her husband, a salesman, a car and a tree before running into a wall.

"She must have panicked," said Joe Sica, sales manager at Honda of Fort Myers.

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And, yeah, it's from Floriduh. Figures, don't it?