April 26, 2005

Serenity trailer is out

A couple years ago, when Fox cancelled the Joss Whedon SF series Firefly, Whedon promised a feature film. As of today, the trailer is out for Serenity.

If the trailer is any indication - though everyone knows how much the marketers like to "sex up" the advertising to make movies appear more exciting than they really are - then Serenity is a fair bit more action-oriented than the laconic Firefly. Predictably, the plot focuses on River Tam (Summer Glau), the gifted-but-disturbed teenage girl that was the McGuffin for so much of the series' plot arc, although her story was never resolved before Firefly got the axe. All the regulars are present - I spotted every major character on screen except for Shepherd Book (Ron Glass, Barney Miller). But the IMDb lists him in the cast. I guess a contemplative missionary isn't trailer material.

Serenity opens September 30, wisely avoiding the summer blockbuster season. Wouldn't want to have to compete with Spielberg and Lucas in the same summer . . .