April 22, 2005


I am gratified to see that the Crusty Curmudgeon is newly featured in the redoubtable Phil Johnson's Bookmarks. Phil is the executive director of Grace To You, the ministry of John MacArthur, and Webmaster of The Spurgeon Archive, one of the finest Christian sites on the Internet. I'm glad to count him a friend, or at least a "longtime online acquaintance" in a few venues. (He's also #1 on my list of people who should be forced to blog at gunpoint, although I'm sure his other online pursuits take up enough of his spare time as it is.)

Phil writes:

This fittingly-named blog is where you'll find the ruminations of Scott McClare, who is pithier than I am, more blunt than I am, more persistent than I am, and more cantankerous than I am. Fortunately, he is nearly always on the right side of every issue - and he's searingly funny. Oh, yes. He's Canadian, too.

The Crusty Curmudgeon is one of many blogs Phil reads.