April 22, 2005

Friday in the wild - Apr. 22, 2005

Light pickings this week, but at least I've started paying attention to the rest of the blogosphere again.

Fellow #prosapologian denizen, and gadfly to various postmodernist, contrarian, or "reformed" whatevers, centuri0n has been blogging a polemic series on Paul's anathema on purveyors of false gospels (Gal. 1:8-9). Since I'm working through Galatians myself, naturally I enjoy reading the insights of others. So far he's blogged two instalments on who Paul anathematizes, here and here. I'm looking forward to more.

Exercising my personal prerogative, I've added The Howling Coyote to my blogroll. James "Coyote" Spurgeon is an independent Baptist pastor in Texas whose preaching of Scripture closely resembles that of the Prince of Preachers, whose namesake he is. This is still a new blog, but in the past few days he's been posting some good stuff about God's sovereignty. Go give the Coyote some hits.

I'm jealous. Why? Because Tim Challies says he has read 34 books so far this year. I'm only at 11, going on 12.

Searches of note:

  • The most prominent searchthis week: People interested in St. Malachy, the "prophecy of the popes", and similar variations on that theme, both mystical and skeptical. Obviously people are on the prowl for background on this week's top news story.
  • Similarly, the second most popular search was variations on Houston, we’ve had a problem, undoubtedly in honour of the anniversary of Apollo 13's liftoff and touchdown.
  • What I didn't understand, though, was why there was a run of people looking for info on John Cheever's "The Swimmer." There must be a paper due, or something.
  • Get this: I'm the top Google hit for this week's Strong Bad email: the quill the page lyric rampage. More so than any actual Homestar Runner-related page, even.
  • cardinal Ratzinger led zeppelin. Yeah, didn't he sit in for the late John Bonham at Live Aid back in '85?

Till next time . . . Share and Enjoy.