April 14, 2005

Notorious Aryan bonehead goes to be with Hitler

A white supremacist who once led the neo-Nazi Heritage Front has reportedly been shot dead in a suburban Toronto apartment.

Reports say Wolfgang Droege was found dead after police responded to complaints of gunshots at a Scarborough apartment building Wednesday afternoon. . . .

He joined the Ku Klux Klan in 1976 and tried to start a branch of the group in Toronto.

In 1981, he helped organize a failed attempt to invade the Caribbean country of Dominica and overthrow its government. He was given a three-year prison sentence.

Droege was arrested in Alabama in 1985 and charged with cocaine possession and a weapons offence. The U.S. deported him to Canada in April 1989 after he served a U.S. prison sentence for those charges.

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I shouldn't show any pleasure at the death of the wicked, but at the same time it's hard to feel any pity when Providence dispenses justice to human debris who made himself famous by demonizing the image of God (through his "white power" hatemongering) and destroying it (through cocaine trafficking).

Wolfgang Droege has joined the race to putrefaction and, having departed the white race, leaves it purer. I hope he appreciates the irony, if he isn't too busy enduring the flames.