April 15, 2005

Recent searches

I haven't really been reading the blogosphere heavily enough over the last week or two to do my regular "Friday in the Wild" thing, but I have at least been keeping track of what has been bringing other people over to the Crusty Curmudgeon. Here are the more amusing searches:

  • I have been lashed with dozens of searches for reasons why "arizona doesn't care how I stand on public issues". I think people are trying to find out who said this. In fact, I'm the only source of this quotation, for one reason only: people keep looking for it. I DON'T KNOW. GO AWAY. That is all.
  • Believe it or not, out of almost a million hits, I'm actually the third most relevant site for the word hahahahaha.
  • Only slightly weirder than Camilla's cleavage, it's . . . emma watson's thong. Get lost, pedophiles.
  • Finally, a search on nostradamus wojtyla just goes to show that with a major event like the death of the pope, the woo-woos start searching for "confirmation" of something or other, in the bad poetry of Nostradamus.