April 24, 2005

Has the Schumacher/Ferrari machine met its match at last?

Vrroom! Looks like Ferrari has finally gotten their crap together this year. For the last ten laps around Imola at today's San Marino Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher's red car was all over leader Fernando Alonso's Renault, blasting his way through the pack from his 13th-place start to give the Spanish driver a run for his money.

Michael Schumacher fills Fernando Alonso's mirrors with red.Nonetheless, despite his best race so far this year (and his only podium finish in the 2005 season to date) Schumacher couldn't keep Alonso from grabbing a hat trick as he took the checkered flag for the third consecutive Grand Prix on Ferrari's home turf.

Meanwhile, a few corners behind, Jacques Villeneuve finished a respectable 6th; hopefully, finally justifying (somewhat) Sauber's faith in his skills.