November 18, 2004

Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye

Some political stories just warm the heart:

Outspoken MP Carolyn Parrish has talked herself right out of the Liberal caucus. . . .

[T]he final straw appears to have been comments directed at the prime minister and the Liberal government.

The opposition has demanded for weeks that [Prime Minister Paul] Martin fire the controversial MP. Martin has always refused. But then Parrish took a shot at him in a Canadian Press story, calling him "weak" and saying she doesn't care if the Liberals lose the next election.

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Carolyn Parrish is the Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erindale best known for not being able to keep her trap shut. Highlights of this genius' distinguished public service include:

  • Remarking to reporters in February 2003, "Damn Americans, I hate those bastards," not realizing the cameras were still running.
  • Calling supporters of missile defense "the coalition of the idiots" this August (and then foolishly asking journalists not to report her remarks).
  • Just a few days ago, stomping on a George W. Bush doll for the comedy program This Hour has 22 Minutes.

Martin's response to Parrish's latest instance of acting out:

"I told her that while I have defended her right to express her views, frankly I cannot as leader of our party, and the government caucus, tolerate behaviour that demeans and disrespects others."

By "others," Martin of course means himself. Heretofore he has shown no apparent discomfort at her demeaning and disrespecting the American people and their leadership and almost singlehandedly setting Canada-U.S. relations back a decade. But now that it's personal. . . .

But at least as an independent MP, the harpie is no longer in a position of any influence in Parliament or the minority Liberal government, which finds its grip that much more tenuous. And with President Bush set to visit Ottawa in only a couple of weeks, it's a good start.