November 19, 2004

Mad Cow Parrish Update

Carolyn Parrish spoke to reporters today and said she deserved to be fired. (Duh.)

"When he phoned me, he said, 'I'm sorry.' I said, 'Don't be sorry, I'd do the same thing,'" said Parrish, 58, who achieved notoriety for her outspoken attacks on U.S. President George W. Bush and Americans. Carolyn Parrish says she expected to be ousted. "My comments have been kind of like bricks through windows."

Yet the MP refused to tone down her criticisms, saying she has chafed under Martin's leadership since he refused to intervene to ensure uncontested Liberal nomination races in several ridings, including hers.

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Aha, I think we're getting to the real meat of this dispute. Martin wouldn't allow Parrish's nomination to stand unopposed! (How dare he allow democracy to operate, the thug?)

On the Bush-doll-stomping incident, Parrish now claims she only did what the CBC director asked her to. (The Prime Minister can "go to hell," but a director she will obey. Yeah, right.)

Meanwhile, I opened up this week's issue of the Imprint and found that Parrish also spoke at my alma mater this week, at an event sponsored by the Students for Palestinian Rights. An interesting highlight:

During the question period following the speech, Parrish was asked to sign a petition condemning the remarks made recently by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry during an appearance on Michael Coren Live. Elmasry's comments relating to the targeting of Israeli civilians have been a topic of much contention since his appearance on the show in mid-October.

Parrish flatly denied the request, reasoning that the blame for these remarks lies heavily on Michael Coren. "His object in life is to cause controversy," she explained.

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That settles it. She isn't merely a maverick. She isn't "outspoken." The mad cow is a barking moonbat. The whole country is better off now that her influence has been reduced effectively to zero.