November 19, 2004

The Dawn Treader is back

Last month I discovered an intriguing blog. Called "The Dawn Treader" after the ship in the third instalment of the Chronicles of Narnia, what really caught my eye was a series of posts on presuppositional apologetics, framed in a review of a debate between the late Greg Bahnsen and atheist Ed Tabash. It was a good analysis. I was hooked.

Then, suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, the blog abruptly transmogrified into what appeared to be a phone-sex blog. "Whaaaaa?" I thought.

Alas, the real Dawn Treader could not escape forever; it was just being moved to the Typepad platform and its own domain.

So give it a read; it's a good blog. And be sure to check out the October archives for the series on presuppositionalism that originally got my attention.