November 28, 2004

As if rappers plagiarizing other people wasn't bad enough . . .

Nickelback plagiarizes themselves: reason #5,238 why current popular music sucks.

Today I found a link to an MP3 file with two distinct songs by the Vancouver "alternative" band recorded into the left and right stereo channels. Or are they distinct? In actual fact, they mesh perfectly, leading one to think that perhaps they're the same frickin' song. Same tempo. Same beat. Same chords. Same long pause in the middle.

I know many (if not most) bands have their own distinctive "hooks," but this takes the cake.

Don't take my word for it: Listen for yourself.

Hat tip to for dredging this one up.

"Fair and balanced" update: I've done a bit more digging and learned that there was a small bit of editing done on these tracks: one or the other has had its pitch and/or tempo adjusted. Of course, that's still all it takes to turn "How You Remind Me" into a counterpoint for "Someday" . . .