October 04, 2004

Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!

In his discussion of the rising popularity of opera on DVD (a popularity which I, too, find myself enthusiastic about) Brian Micklethwait has coined a handy new word for opera fans: Wagnabsurdity, referring to the weird and pretentious ways in which producers stage Ring Cycle performances, for example, "scruffy librarians waving enormously long spears in the Boulez/Bayreuth Gotterdammerung."

He adds this note, which strikes a chord with this more populist classical enthusiast:

I don't want an 'Internet Site' where I can spend thousands of happy hours chatting about why the Levine New York Met Ring is better/worse than the Boulez Bayreuth Ring, and why the latest one from Germany is barking bonkers etc. etc.. I do not have these hours. More fundamentally, such hours would not be happy. I am not that fond of my fellow classical music enthusiasts. Mad, sad bastards the lot of them, as good as, as far as I'm concerned, and I bet that's just how most of them feel about me.

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