October 25, 2004

Dare to be stupid

I've remarked before that while other people are "babe magnets," unfortunately I tend to be a "wacko magnet." My most recent acquisition is a well-known net.abuser named Wally Duncaster.

For those of you who don't tend to frequent an awful lot of Internet discussion forums, Duncaster is a rather notorious spammer and troll of many Christian forums. He arrives and immediately begins posting massive cut-and-paste messages, usually of a highly critical nature, about such subjects as how evil Billy Graham is, how Baptists are about as wrong as anyone can get, how the writings of the apostle Paul are errant because he was such a chauvinist, and so on and so forth. He never lets up, he gets belligerent if you question him (and downright nasty if you invite him to go away), and he never leaves until someone with a little authority pulls the plug on his posting privileges. Even then, soon he will be back under a different name, though of course it's obvious that it's him from the posting style (but nothing makes him madder than getting caught). Because of his morphing ability I have taken to calling him the "Wally Duncaster Entity."

I have personally banned the Entity at least three times from the Bible Versions Discussion Board. He has spammed my personal inbox with unwanted anti-Baptist macros until I notified his ISP. Most recently he has taken to fouling the Fundamentalist Forums (where the longsuffering Webmaster has already asked him to leave at least twice).

Unfortunately, since I don't suffer fools gladly, he has taken a special liking to me and started calling me the "Pastor of Urinals." This comes from a combination of two things: one, I made an offhand remark about urinals earlier, and two, the Wally Duncaster Entity is completely clueless and hasn't figured out yet that I pastor nothing and no one, not even lavatory fixtures.

In honour (and blatant unashamed mockery) of this new-found "friend," my blog shall be known as "Pastor of Urinals" for the next 48 hours.

P.S.: Apparently, now I'm gay. (Again.) Or something.

P.P.S.: I was kind of hoping to confine the joke to this blog, but it's gotten a little out of control. I had no idea how many automatic thingamajiggeries picked up the blog name from Blogger rather than me. For example. Arrgh.