January 21, 2006

This is the way the campaign ends . . .

. . . not with a bang but with a whimper.

"Stephen Harper is not pro-choice."

You know the Liberal re-election campaign is foundering when even the spooky music and grainy, unflattering mug shot of Stephen Harper doesn't make this sound like a Bad Thing.

Meanwhile, the Libs' PR meltdown continues to China Syndrome its way into the core of the planet. In Toronto, of all places, they're even rooting for the Tories:

The president of a west-end Toronto Liberal riding association resigned Friday, saying he can no longer back the party's candidate Michael Ignatieff.

Ron Chyczij, of the Etobicoke-Lakeshore Federal Liberal Association, said he was now endorsing Conservative candidate John Capobianco adding he could no longer "in good conscious" [sic] support Ignatieff."

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Just up the Trans-Canada in Pembroke, the Libbies want voters to leave the country, especially if they don't like the idea of having their lawfully acquired handguns confiscated without due compensation. At a recent all-candidates debate sponsored by the local outdoorsmen's club:

[Liberal candidate for Renrew-Nipissing-Pembroke] Don Lindsay's self destruction continued when club member and Canadian Veteran George Tompkins stood to ask the candidates his question. "If the handgun ban goes forward. What plan would your party offer to compensate those of us who legally own the guns that would be confiscated?" To which Lindsay replied "Sir America is our neighbor not our nation, if you elect a society that talks about that kind of perspective I suggest that perhaps you go there!"

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Mind you, when he was pressed further on the issue, Lindsay proved that following an argument probably wasn't his strongest skill.

Club member Don Linke stole the show with his question for the candidates. "It seems like we are blaming legal gun owners for the theft of their guns. Should we also ban banks from holding money because that's what causes all bank robberies?" Gallant responded that a Conservative government would put money towards a victims support program to compensate victims of crime. Lindsay simply responded "No we won't ban banks from holding money."

The latest polls are projecting a Tory majority on Monday night. Watching the Grits melt down on Monday night is going to be the most exciting thing on any television channel. And here in Ottawa South, it's about as close to Ground Zero as you can get.

(H/T: Captain's Quarters and Angry in the Great White North.)