January 24, 2006

Blogroll changes

Apart from a few administrative changes, and quietly adding links to the reciprocal blogroll as I discover them, I haven't made any additions to my blogroll in months. So it's about time I updated it to reflect what I actually read.

Carla Rolfe's blog has been languishing quietly at the bottom of my list of reciprocal links, yet over time I find myself increasingly looking forward to reading it. It's only fair that Reflection of the Times be promoted to my A-list. (FYI, I do make a point of perusing those reciprocal links almost as regularly as the others - as I see it, anyone who linked to me first is probably of like mind, and worth paying attention to. I don't consider those blogs "second-rate"; it just so happens that they usually find me first.)

I started reading Steve Janke's Angry in the Great White North about six months ago, but in the weeks leading up to the election, I stopped there first for political news. Angry is probably the hottest blog in Canada (apart from my own, of course).

Finally, for now, Phil Johnson has announced the closure of PyroManiac, citing time concerns and the headache of dealing with disgruntled readers. Not to fear: he simultaneously announced the opening of PyroManiacs, a new group blog, so I've adjusted Phil's blogroll link accordingly. I hope he didn't have to spend too much time Photoshopping that plural S into all his graphics. In addition to Phil himself, Team Pyro includes his son Jonathan (Pecadillo, the funniest blogger in history until he decided to get an actual career), Frank "centuri0n" Turk, and James "Coyote" Spurgeon. The blogosphere hasn't got a chance.