January 20, 2006

Our Lady of the Damaged Drywall

A Maine woman who discovered an image of the Virgin Mary on a blackened wall following a weekend house fire says she plans to rebuild the dwelling and cut out the image so she can put it on display.

[Veronica] Dennis' home caught fire Sunday morning after a space heater in her daughter's bedroom ignited a bed and a nearby dog bed. The image was revealed when she removed a framed painting from the kitchen wall, which was blackened by smoke and fire.

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Dennis says in the story that she has no intention of turning her home into a shrine. Good thing, too - all the Jesus Junk is one thing to have to contend with, but dozens of inevitable candles would be another Marification just waiting to happen. (It's a vicious cycle.)

Gile said viewing the image led her to believe that it could be message from a higher being.

Such as . . . ? "Don't smoke in bed"? "Check your smoke alarm batteries"? "Never overload an outlet with an 'octopus' plug"? The message I want to hear is why the Mother of Perpetual Help didn't help prevent the fire.